Women want more foreplay!  Romantic partners need to pay attention to this because skipping foreplay is one of those innocuous things that can put a huge damper on your sex life.  While we all know that the “quickie” is a necessity and even exciting from time to time, most people enjoy the build-up of foreplay.   It is a “must have” not “nice to have” for the modern woman.

It takes time to engage in foreplay but so much happens in those minutes that lead up to sex that actually improve the quality of the experience for both partners.   While some women need lubricant due to health issues or dryness as we age, many women do not in fact need it at all if the lovemaking includes quality foreplay.  And our natural lubricant is far more exciting (and effective) than any artificial lubricant on the market.   It’s healthier too.

Men Need Foreplay Too

They do.  We know because we asked them.  And despite what popular television, movies and even pornography tell you Men are not like machines.  Men do not simply flip a switch and find themselves erect and ready to get down to business.   Men have feelings and they connect just as readily if they are having sex with a romantic partner that they care about.

According to AskMen.com  men would love nothing better than a woman who initiates sex.  For some reason society has made it an expectation that men should always make the first move and be the seducer.  As you can imagine this can get pretty old for most men.  Surprise him by laying on your best moves and playbook for playtime instead.

Popular Methods of Preheating

Men and women have different areas and erogenous zones.   Being touched in those areas can preheat things pretty quickly if you understand your partner’s body and where they want and need to be touched.

  • Let him see you naked.  Men are visual creatures and since we live most of our lives covered up, tantalize him with your body. Drop a towel?   Game on!  Or better yet? Let them undress you.  Trust us on that one; it ranks high on the hotness scale.
  • Blow cold air on a hot spot.  This forces the blood vessels to constrict and extends arousal for both men and women.  They call it “blow” for a reason.
  • Kiss. And kiss… and kiss.  Women love it.  Men love it.  Don’t skimp on the kisses.
  • Oral sex.  We don’t need to elaborate on that one.

The difference between having sex and having great sex is the build-up.  And the truth is that foreplay doesn’t have to occur immediately before intercourse to be effective.   Think outside the box and start the preheating during the work day.  Why do you think ‘Sexting’ is so popular?   Turn up the heat throughout the day and get cooking when you get home for a great sex life.