Dating is a little bit like the game of hide and seek. Sometimes you want to be found and other times you want to just sit back and watch other people have all the adventure and the risk. There are people who define themselves as serial daters, who just enjoy meeting new people and having some social interaction from time to time. And then there are women and men out there who are looking for “the one”. That special match that leads to a diamond ring and new side-by-side front loading laundry machines.

And someone to take out the garbage too.  Squish spiders.  You know, the important stuff.  Not that there is anything wrong with being single at all.  You may have to squish your own bugs but you do get to watch what you want on the television without negotiation.

Some women who date think that single men should come with warning labels. That way you’d definitely know what you were getting into before you started down the path to getting serious in a relationship that is really more about luck than your expertise. At the beginning anyhow. And for every romantic ending there are a few more less glorious “crash and burn” scenarios for single men and women which hurt but are necessary to help us zero in on the personality that will suit us the best.

If you are the type of person that found your true love immediately without the up’s and down’s of dating the hard way?  We might not like you.  But we thought this infographic was great for two reasons. First, it gives a play-by-play for men that need to brush up on their inner Lothario.  For women? It is a complete checklist of what to watch out for because we all love a good player.

Like waxing.   We really love that too.