Have you ever walked into an adult shop and taken a look at some of the products on the market?  The majority of them are not built to last and use poor quality materials and plastics in their construction.  A poorly designed sexual product can do a lot more than break, it can sometimes create significant health issues.  The reality is that ‘cheap’ toys also don’t last despite the fact that they still charge a lot of money for them.  And how many people are willing to return them to the store after they stop working?  Not many.

After all you would have to explain how you broke it right?  Awkward!

And then it’s the design.  Why do almost all pleasure products come shaped like male genitalia?  That product style is almost offensive in the way that it tries to mimic the shape and texture of a male.  If you are a woman in a same-sex relationship, chances are that shape and style does not appeal at all.  No thanks!  But whether you are in a heterosexual, same-sex relationship or enjoy your sexy single status (go girl!) you want a toy that works well and get’s the job done.  Literally.

When our designers (who are women by the way) started to conceptualize our product line it was important to include an aesthetic that would appeal to everyone.  Let’s be honest, we know what “it” looks like but our sex toys don’t have to pretend to be “it” to make us happy.  In fact, we went out of our way to design something that would be comfortable to hold and grip, as well as contoured naturally to reach.   Our products don’t need to look like the real thing.  They are designed with one purpose in mind.  To make you happy.

The product line from Duchess Experience looks more like an art form.  In fact if your Mom or one of your kids found it in a drawer, they probably would never guess what it is depending on the model.  Our engineered style is that discreet and intentionally so.   Soft, comfortable but sturdy sensual products that last and are backed by a warranty.

If you’ve ever thought that women should design more sex toys, well we did.  And this is what we came up with.

Welcome to the Duchess Experience.