If men knew the kinds of things we talked about with our sisters and friends they’d probably be surprised.  After all, the misconception is that men are the only ones that have “sex on the mind” and the myth of the female libido is not a myth at all.  We are just finally feeling confident and comfortable enough to talk about the things that matter most in our lives.  And sex?  For the average woman it is definitely a priority in her life for the record.

As long as it is good.  Maybe even excellent.

The equality of women in all areas of life from the boardroom to the bedroom is something that has transitioned our views about sex and sexuality.  Generations of women now believe that they have a right to explore their sensuality and gratification.  Sex is supposed to be a team sport, and happy couples are willing to explore different techniques and expertise to please their partners.  And while the female libido is definitely not a myth, neither is the female orgasm and most people in mutually satisfied sexual relationships will tell you that the couple that “play’s together stays together”.  The need to have a fulfilling sex life is equally important to women as it is to men.

A lot of sensual product brands on the market will tiptoe around the concepts of a woman’s sexual pleasure almost as though it is still not “okay” to admit that women have a sex drive.  In fact as we age, our sex drive increases on average and we become more confident and more comfortable with expressing our needs and interests and having them satisfied.   And why not?  A healthy sex life is emotionally gratifying and benefits both our bodies and our minds in many positive ways.  When it comes to sex toys, Duchess believes that with so many women discovering how sex toys and specifically, vibrators, can enhance your sex life and bring fun and higher levels of satisfaction into the bedroom.  And if your seeking the place to get great information about sex as well as great products that are body save, incredibly fun and built to last, then the Duchess Experience may be your place.

When it comes to pleasure, isn’t it time you came first?

We’re excited about the launch of our collection of sensual products designed for women who deserve nothing less than the best. Over the next 12 months we will be bringing over 40 different new products out for you to see and experience.  From our ultra line of premium all silicone rabbit and single shaft vibrators, to wand vibes and more, you’ll find Duchess a unique brand unto itself.  Our blog will be a great place to get tips on a variety of topics from relationship and intimacy advice to tips on how to rekindle the spark (or throw some gasoline on it depending on your needs).  Whether you are one half of a couple or a single woman, you will find humor and relativity on our blog as we explore what it means to “have an incredible experience every time” with Duchess.   Most of all, have fun!