What is the Duchess Experience?

The Duchess Experience is about embracing sensuality and sexual satisfaction in a modern, feminine way, something that every woman deserves.  Going beyond the typical solo experience, Duchess designs adult sex toy products that are bold, new and enticing as well as satisfying for solo and couples use as well.  Transcending the old barriers of garish designs, poor construction and embarrassingly graphic packaging, Duchess vibrators and sex toys bring elegance and art forms into an experience that can be shared.  

The adult toy product industry is full of poorly manufactured products that are questionable in terms of both healthy use, as well as quality.  How many times have you replaced an inexpensive plastic product because it simply didn't last that long?   And let’s honest, regardless of the quality of the product they are always pricey.  And it is not like you can return them if you are dissatisfied, for health reasons there is generally a poor warranty service offered by most manufacturers.

But that’s not us.

The Duchess Experience is about creating a product that actually meets the needs of our female clients.  Our female design team has created sex toy models that match up to a woman's anatomy and address different needs and desires.  Our manufacturing processes are of very high standard with finish work more likely to be found in a high end automobile than in a sex toy.  Our legendary quality is so good that Duchess offers a one your factory warranty on all the products we sell  

Our product designers are women.  Our testers and our marketing team, all women.  So when we say we understand how to create a line of sexual products that work, satisfy and perform to your standards we really mean it.  A high quality sex toy is something that should bring you pleasure and whether using it as a couple or solo, help you intensify your sexual experience. 

That is the Duchess Experience.

Our Vision
Premium Non-Toxic, Body-Safe Luxury Pleasure Objects

The founders and advisors of Duchess, most of who are women, were seeking something completely different: Products that would excite the senses upon the first look, first touch, even before they were turned on. Products that were beautiful to look at, luxurious and sensual to the touch and when used provided the utmost in exciting sexual experiences. Whether used alone or in conjunction with a partner during sex, Duchess products were to be beautiful in form and function and not intimidating or embarrassing as so many products found in the typical adult toy store today may be to many. First and foremost the Duchess founders knew instinctively that sensual products for women should be designed not on with women in mind but by women, tested by women and approved by women. From appearance to touch to sensation, all must be uniquely effective at delivering exactly what a woman wants.
Our Style

Top New Pleasure Objects - Chic & Discreet

Duchess offers a line of very high quality luxury women's sex toys, from rabbit and wand vibrators to solid polished metal dildos and other sexual accessories.  Each item is crafted from the finest materials to our exacting design standards.

When you play with a Duchess product, you will experience an entirely new sense of intrigue, romance and ecstasy. Couples tell us that Duchess has enhanced and rekindled their sex lives once again, allowing experimentation and mutual satisfaction that comes from the energy shared between two people focused on each other, feeling each other and responding to very intimate, focused interaction. We have designed DUCHESS to be a great sex toy for couples as well as for women alone. You will note that they are designed not to make a man feel awkward and as their focus is on an excellent match to the female form.

Duchess is featured in mainstream shops and stores. Our products are specifically designed to be talked about, not hidden away in a dresser drawer. One of our most personal triumphs was getting a review from a woman who loved hers socky, poorly made and even outright unhealthy products slammed out on a production line focused on one thing,cheap product cost. Concern for health, safety and sensuality took a back seat. The primary market for these garish adult dildo and vibrator products was the adult industry and their packaging and promotion often associated them and limited them there. We recognize their place in the market and the benefits they provide. We just choose to be different.