Sensual Sound Response (SSR) TM

Auto Pilot For Your Duchess Vibrator

Sensual Sound Response is a whole new concept in functionality for pleasure objects. Think of it as autopilot for your Duchess vibrator. Sensitive to any sounds it hears, such as the beating of music, talking, moaning, screaming, laughing or even simply internal or external use, your Duchess will react with changes in pulsation, beat and intensity etc. as she tries to replicate the sounds with her extensive memory of settings. Your new Duchess Vibrator will automatically adjust to the level of sound in the room and identify pulses, louder sounds, etc. and adjust its rhythm and intensity accordingly.  

A Womens Vibrator That Gets Excited When You Do

The louder the sound and faster the tempo the more intense and rapid she becomes. It is the ultimate personalized session every time. She can also be placed on manual control for easy adjustment of 10 different vibration modes (pulsations, start-stop, throttle ups and more) as well as 7 different vibration levels

Check the model you like to see if it comes equipped with our new SSR Technology or contact us and ask any questions you like.